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How Does One Attain Motivation?

I like writing, I really do. Comedy writing is a challenge in a lot of ways, but it is fun to do! So, why in the hell has it been a year since I wrote a damn thing? Well, a couple of reasons, none of them good reasons. Though hey, I'll type up a post about it anyway, because this is my shit! Let's talk about motivation for a moment.

Uhh.... what? Bad Merriam-Webster! You can't define a word using another version of the same word. You're not Kanye West, you can't just use the same word over and over and say you made it work. Okay, fine, maybe it is because motivation comes from the word motivate? Let's click on motivate and see if that gives me something I can actually work with.

For Christ's sake! This has really side-tracked the original reason I started this post, but, I mean... seriously, this can't be how a dictionary works. At least not how I remember it working. There is no scenario where someone will need to look up the definition of this word and go "Oh, motivation is to be motivated! I totally get it now!" Last shot, there is a link for the "English-Language Learners" definition, I'm going to try that one.

There we go! That is what I was looking for. In the context of what I'll be talking about is the second definition of the word. This force or influence that causes someone to do something. What is this force? Also, what the hell is the point of those other two definitions? English-Language Learners dictionary? Isn't that just the fucking dictionary?

I think I've lost the plot at this point, but hey. I wrote a thing! Not a long thing, but a thing. So... yeah. Anyhow, next time will be about motivation (I literally had to scroll up to figure out what I was wanting to talk about when I started this). It will also come with a fun little confession. Well, at least something that is a confession for me, since I have worked incredibly, super hard to not admit I have it.

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