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Site Update: How To Do Something That Made You Happy, Then Stop For Two Years

Pretty much by telling yourself a lot of this:

In all honesty, writing and sharing my thoughts, ambitions, and ideas made me feel a tad accomplished and happy. I stopped because of that fleeting little feeling known as inspiration ran away.

Here is what I can say about that, when you rely on something like ambition and inspiration, it will kick you straight in the dick before packing its bags to go have a screwy unhealthy fling with apathy.

Without discipline to back up your ambitions, there's nothing to fall back on. Inspiration is fleeting and I have relied upon it for far too long. So long in fact that for two whole dang years, I let this site die, I let my writing die, and I created nothing. Well mother fuckers, it is 2019 and I'm changing that!

Thankfully, I have help this time and I'll be talking about that in a later post. For now, what's on the agenda!

That's right, change. I'm going to change the direction of the site and its focus to two very important things.

1. Short stories and creative writing projects

2. Whatever the fuck I want to talk about

Back in 2016 the focus was on writing about topics like therapy, the mind, motivation, and then whatever the hell I could think of writing about that I could make a little funny. Now we can all look forward to less structure mixed with... more structure?

...not sure where I was going. SO! The two things.

1. Short Stories:

I have recently gotten back into writing fiction. Since late October of 2018 I started writing a novel, a whole damn novel. That is a big project to return to after such a long period of absence from the medium. Despite praises from those that inspired me to do it in the first place, I was feeling the pressure.

As a side project to help establish that little beast I mentioned above:

I have started writing short stories as well. Bit-sized narratives done in 8000 words or less. Now, I want a house to put them in. This is that house!

2. Whatever The Fuck I Want:

Since writing stories takes time, I got to keep up with other things. I like writing about what is in my head, organizing it to be a readable piece of media for others, then uploading it with a bunch of "shitty" art. So, I'mma gonna do that.

Anyway, this is my resolution and I got a lot more to share, so look out for that readers!

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