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Art Therapy: They Say It's Good For You. Who The Fuck Is They? Are They... No, No Ranting In The

Look at that Bob Ross if he was a kindergartner with Parkinsons shit up there, it is wonderful, fucking wonderful! I was going to add flowers, but realized I was drawing mountains and that would either make for some very large flowers or for some very small mountains. Also, yes, I realize that one "cloud" looks a bit... off, or on, depending upon your mindset.

The point is, art therapy, it is a thing, it is used by many people and doctors to do... therapy. I'm not feeling very verbose right now.

Anyhow, as I briefly stated in my first post, one of the things I wanted to do with this site was draw my own illustrations, regardless of the fact that I never really drew much of anything, ever. The last time I wrote often for websites, I had to go and find pictures I was allowed to use, ask for permission for ones I wanted to use, or get publicly released screenshots if it was an entertainment based article. I didn't much like any of that, I don't want to do that for this one, so I'm not. This is mine and I'll do weird shit if I want to.

Which was apparently draw about running out ideas on what to draw. Hey! If I can write about having writer's block, I can draw a picture about having nothing to draw.

There was a point to all of this, wasn't there? For clarification, I'm asking myself, while typing this... this sort of writing is weird for me, but I'm running with it. Also, yes, there is a point.

How Art Helps.

There's something about expressing one's self that can help center the mind and calm it. There's an accomplishment to creation and many mental health professionals have used it as an effective tool for a multitude of individuals dealing with a multitude of problems. Writing and art sort of go hand in hand, hand on hand, hand over... hand... I'm questioning what that phrase is supposed to actually be and am too lazy to Google it.

There also seems to be something more active and expressive with art that isn't as easily conveyed in writing. There's also an important need to give very little fucks if you're bad at art and using that as a primary focus for a publicly shared website! That's fucking therapeutic man!

For someone who deals heavily with social anxiety, it is amazing to just do something, share it and tell yourself that you don't care, no matter how untrue that actually is.

Regardless, art helps, writing helps, creating helps. Is shit in life hard right now? Well, go deep into that brain and pull something creative out because when robots go and take over all the jobs, the only thing in this world that will have any real value is art. No matter how advanced AI gets, no matter how advanced machinery gets, art is inherently human and its innovation is what will always be ours.

If you need a tool to help you get started, use what I use! It is a cool, simple little online drawing tool that makes east shit look cool and more difficult stuff even more difficult to do. Link is here: LIIIIIIIIINK

By the way, it's totally hand in hand!... I Googled it while editing this post.

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