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What's This About?: Got To Get Started Somewhere

Fuckin' hell...

There was a time that this stuff use to come easy, this is not the first blog I've ran myself. It isn't the first time I've written anything, hell, I use to write for other websites too. I guess I was a writer that thought of shit and had thoughts, opinions, things like that.

I got off that horse for a bit, life got lifey and a full time job got timey (wimey). It has been quite a few years since I even looked that gift giving mare in the mouth to find out what it had for me.

Apparently an apple, the fucking gift unicorn horse thing in my head is giving me an apple. I guess I should write about apples. No, wait... that's dumb. Bad unicorn horse thing in my head! BAD!

Wait! Maybe there is something here. Is an apple a metaphor? Google! Help me! SEARCH: "apples in a dream meaning"

Well then, that's at least a positive thing. Fulfilled goals and desires, beauty and all that. This thing certainly isn't rotten and while not on a tree, a unicorn is good enough. Thanks Mr. Gift Unicorn Horse Thing! Sorry for yelling at you like that, this stuff gets frustrating. Do you forgive me?

Anyhow, let us talk about fulfilling the goal of getting past writer's block... in the next post. After that, maybe we'll talk about procrastination.

What's This Whole Damn Site Going To Be About?

That is what this post was supposed to be about, at least in my head it was, I may not have made that clear.

One thing I made a goal when going into this was that I wanted to do art, I'm not good at art, but I still wanted to draw and make my own little clip-arts to add to the posts. That's why there are all these weird pictures about. They say art can be a great source of therapy, and maybe that's what this site is going to be about, me getting thoughts out and trying to be funny, yet insightful... for therapy.

I might talk about video games and movies, because I like those things and use to write about those things. In the end, this whole Deadeyemouse site is me. It is going to be an honest me hidden behind a nickname I made up as a gamer tag that has followed me since 2010, and I love it. So, Deadeyemouse is me, and who I really am may or may not come to light.

In the end, Deadeyemouse, the site, is about trying to be thoughtfully funny and talking about whatever comes to mind. Shit might get dark, but I'll still do all I can to keep to that first bit, you know, the funny bit. Hope you like it! I hope it helps.

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